The 2022 Apprenticeship contest
July 28 & 29, 2022

Sixteen of our 3rd and 4th year apprentices competed for prizes, money and bragging rights in our 26th annual Apprenticeship contest.

Our finest apprentices competed in our annual Apprenticeship Contest.

On day one, of the 2022 Apprenticeship Contest got underway by testing the apprentices knowledge of the NFPA – Electrical codes and standards. Apprentices had 1-hour to answer general electrical questions as well as topics like specialty transformers, box fill, and more.

One day two, the apprentices put their skills to a practical challenge, building a project from the bottom up.

Pictured Above
Front row (left to right): Jacob Locklear, Wilmington, NC Diego Medina-Monzon, Greenville, SC Andrew Brandt, Raleigh, NC Chris Aguirre, Virginia Andrew Jervah, Raleigh, NC

Middle row (left to right) Isaiah Rock, Raleigh, NC Martin Munoz-Aguirre, Greenville, NC Soon-Lai Chia, Winston-Salem, NC Sabrina Wilkins, Virginia

Back row (left to right) Jordan Failey, Charlotte, NC Robert Brewer, Winston-Salem, NC William Peace, Raleigh, NC Steven Cox, Charleston, SC Matthew Brown, Virginia Rudolph Tucker, Virginia Christian Keiffer, Virginia

The 2022 Apprenticeship Contest Winners

Project Build