Annette Krull

Annette Krull, Sales and Marketing Manager

In 2012, Annette started with Watson as the receptionist in the corporate office. Then, about a year later, the Winston-Salem, NC, Office Manager position became available. Without hesitation, Annette applied for the opening, and the promotion was hers. “I had no doubt Annette would be an exemplary Office Manager, with her many talents and sunny disposition.” Susan Lucas, Operations Administrative Manager.

Over the next nine years, Annette grew into her role as office manager and found her flow. Her weeks were filled with customer service, supporting construction and service teams, and ensuring everyone had what they needed to complete their job successfully. “Annette did a great job as office manager, ensuring the office processes were done promptly and handling the issues with both office and field personnel. She always seemed in a good mood and was eager to help whenever possible.” Alex Brink, Senior Operations Manager.

Annette commented, “I grew to love each person individually as I served Kernersville and countless other team members throughout the company.”

Although she loved her role as Office Manager and the team she worked with in Winston-Salem, Annette felt it was time for a new challenge. So, she applied for and received the promotion to Sales & Marketing Manager at the corporate office. This role is a growth opportunity for Annette. A chance to face new challenges and be an integral part of the electrical construction process.

Annette likes to sing and write in her spare time. However, she is the happiest when she is helping someone else.

Way to go, Annette!