Managing Your Facility Shutdown

Facility shutdowns represent a high risk to your operation and are costly. Partnering with a contractor with experience in unscheduled and scheduled shutdowns is vital. We understand that your business needs to minimize downtime. We are experienced in and worked with data centers, banks, hospitals, and major manufacturers.

Services Offered

Our services are always scheduled to meet your timing needs. Some of our services require your electrical system or electrical components to be de-energized.

Insulation Resistance Service:

Insulation deteriorates over time in average conditions, even faster if the environment is harsh. Measuring and recording the resistance of insulation can reduce the risk of explosions, fires, and catastrophic breakdowns.

Winding Resistance Service:

Using the manufacture’s specs, we will assure that components are operating at top efficiency. By measuring, recording, and comparing the winding resistance of components, we can extend the useful life of your equipment. Components at high efficiency will also increase your safety by reducing the risk of catastrophic failure.

Contact Resistance Service:

By measuring and recording the resistance present between contact surfaces, this service helps to identify poor contact surfaces. An increase in voltage drop, an increase in heat, and a reduction in life expectancy are the results of an inferior contact surface. Poor contact surfaces can result in a reduced life expectancy, causing brown-outs, black-outs, explosions, fires, and catastrophic failures.

Circuit Breaker Service:

Primary and Secondary Injection Testing. Measure, test, record, and document findings regarding all applicable low voltage circuit breakers. The proper Service and inspection of your circuit breakers will reduce the risk of business interruption, fire, and catastrophic failure.

Ground Resistance Service:

We measure and record the resistance of transformers, connections, and devices. Ground resistance services will reduce the risk of power quality, harmonic, and safety issues.

Transformer Service:

We measure, record and monitor all appropriate services and inspections to manufacturer’s recommendations or NFPA Standard 70B. Transformer services and inspections are performed to reduce the risk of transformer failure. Not maintaining your transformer could result in fire or catastrophic failure.

Motor Service:

We measure, record, and monitor all appropriate service and inspection to manufacturer’s recommendations or NFPA Standard 70B. Motor services and inspections are performed to monitor and trend the motor and to reduce the risk of failure.

Visual and Mechanical Inspection:

To determine if adjustments are needed, the interior and exterior of all components will be inspected. If needed, adjustments will be made to ensure that its performance remains within specified limits.

We will also identify:

  • Corrosion
  • Rust and discoloration
  • Leaks
  • Safety hazards
  • Applicable electric code violations
  • Grounding
  • Physical damage
  • The general condition of components