Infrared Electrical Scanning Inspection

The loss of productivity due to an electrical problem can be costly. Being proactive and having a preventive maintenance plan that includes infrared scanning can save time, revenue, and lives.

As an electrical distribution system ages, components and connections can deteriorate, leaving the system open to failures. Infrared scanning sees “hot spots” within the electrical system. Locating areas of increased or excess heat can help to identify and correct problems before it causes significant disruption.

Part of creating a safe, hazard-free workspace, the infrared electrical inspection service is often requested by insurance companies as part of the preventative maintenance program. Infrared scanning is a non-destructive testing process that does not require the electrical system to be shut down to perform.

What does an Infrared Electrical Inspection service detect?

  • Hot spots
  • Overloaded circuit breakers
  • Electrical Faults
  • Loose connections
  • Harmonics
  • Open circuits

Working with Watson

Once we have completed the Infrared inspection, you will receive a detailed report, with IR imaging, on the health of your electrical system. The report will specify the areas of concern along with our recommendations for preventative maintenance.

Although infrared scanning can be conducted as a stand-alone service, it is best suited as a part of a complete inspection preventive maintenance program that includes other services such as metering, testing, and training.

As part of every Arc Flash Risk Assessment, the Watson Energy Maintenance Technicians perform an infrared analysis to understand the overall condition of your electrical distribution system fully.