Electrical Metering & Testing Solutions

Electrical distribution systems are more critical to business today than ever before. All kinds of data keep our operations flowing smoothly and efficiently. Technology is continuously changing, and your electrical systems will be required to change with them.

Getting Started with Watson Energy

Watson can install a recording meter on your main electrical service, on a single electrical panel, or even down to a single piece of equipment. We then can record the power usage, voltage and current characteristics, kilowatt-hours used, and much, much more. By monitoring and testing the system, you will know if the incoming utility power meets your needs and whether you have the electrical capacity to expand.

With new types of technology come new electrical problems. LED lighting, variable frequency drives, and other electronic equipment can all adversely affect your electrical distribution system. Watson’s metering and testing services can help isolate and detect potential problems and causes.

New technologies can give us information quickly and accurately. Watson can connect your entire facility’s electrical system to your smartphone or device. From your smart device, you can know how your system is running and if there are any issues. You can know that your backup generator has started. You can know that the lighting or process equipment is operating. You can even know if your facility is affected by a power loss or phase loss.